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Why choose us

You can take your pick from thousands of copywriters. True. So why choose us? Well, apart from producing results-driven, revenue-generating copy for almost 19 years, our clients say we're good (click here to read some nice things they say about us). Our style is fresh. We know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t. Just as with most things in life — when you want the best, you hire the best.

Other reasons to choose us:

We specialise in a copywriting technique that pushes the emotional hot-buttons to stimulate your target audience's buying impulse  no matter what you're selling. Our knowledge of this technique can also make your company grow, by making your copy sparkle and thereby increasing your sales and ultimately strengthening your bottom line.
We're experienced in producing intelligible keyword-rich copy. Unlike certain SEO (search engine optimisation) service providers, our SEO copywriting expertise can optimise a page while ensuring it remains relevant and readable. The result? As well as making sense to your visitors, your copy is more likely to achieve better rankings on search engines such as Google. 
Our proven track record makes us the smart choice when it comes to copywriting. When you work with us, you'll feel the benefit of years of practical experience in writing, editing, sales and marketing.
Our primary objective is tangible results. We use a specific methodology that not only safeguards against costly marketing mistakes but also consistently produces the results our clients hope for. And you can count on it doing the same for you, too.
We offer a premium service that won't cost you the earth. Of course, there are always 'content mills' if you're looking for a bargain — and good luck to them. But take care. Much of our work is correcting and re-writing the 'cheap' copy from such sites. (Read, "How Monkeys Mean Bad Business" for more on why it never pays to buy cheap writing: http://bit.ly/cIOg8m)
We know what works in the European and American markets as well as the UK marketplace. Our versatility means we are increasingly commissioned by international clients.
We take a personal interest in each client we take on. Every project is personally overseen by Tracey, our principal. We never take on more commissions than we can handle, so you get our undivided attention. In fact, we would rather, and have been known to, turn business away and refer you on to one of our trusted partners if we feel unable to take care of your needs. 
We understand the importance of branding. And we'll work hard to understand your brand, so every word we produce is relevant to your target audience and is representative of your offering.
Finally, we're really easy to work with (click here to read how our clients enjoy working with us). At Kingfisher Copy, you'll find a friendly, professional service with plenty of well-chosen words and a real focus on your campaign — and your brand.

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    Most businesses lose at least 90% of their potential buyers through their own website. Here's how copywriting can translate into more conversions...

    SECURE those tricky marginal sales

    • A professional, swift service was provided from the outset. The copy that was written added the sparkle necessary to target those tricky marginal sales! All copy followed exactly to the brief provided and a lot of time was clearly invested in the preparation of the work. A perfect all-round package.

      Redpath - BuyaGift LtdThank you for showing such insight and grasping the essence of what we're about. Your style is absolutely spot on for our brand."